I feel like there’s a shared understanding of the rules of engagement for social media and digital publishing these days. But experience tells me that it helps to make these things explicit:

Unless we have a specific agreement in place, nothing I post or produce comes with any kind of warranty, express or implied. Everything here, whether it’s code, advice, opinions about the US Men’s National Team, or my contact information, is subject to every engineer’s five favorite words: use at your own risk.

My views and opinions shared here are not necessarily reflective of any of my clients or employers, be they past, present, or future. (Bonus points if you show up in a DeLorean.) They may not even be reflective of reality, for all I know—as much as I’d like to be infallible, I’m still looking for someone who can teach me how.

When I recommend something here, it’s because I sincerely think it’s worth my personal recommendation. Any sponsored content or affiliate links will be clearly labeled.

If something looks factually incorrect, or if you see something problematic where I might benefit from being called in, please let me know.